PIX Robotics
Intelligent process automation
to scale your business

PIX RPA - intelligent process automation
to scale the business

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PIX RPA: Digital Employees for the People
Higher speed of task automation: RPA is faster
than classic automation
Accelerated execution and improved quality
of business processes
Improved compliance and risk mitigation
Greater employee engagement and job satisfaction
Faster ROI
What do people get?
Emulate the user's actions
on a work PC
Make decisions based
on formal rules
Work with any existing systems
and applications
What do digital employees do?
What tasks PIX RPA can perform
Working with websites
& applications
Systems and applications
MS Office
Core banking,
Text, OCR
Data comparison
with documentation
Filling in forms
and documents
Working with files
and folders
rule-based texts
& recognition of text
Data transfer
between systems
Building reports
Where RPA can help
CV analysis, assistance to applicants, interview scheduling, personnel application forms, onboarding of new employees and access management, initial training on software and processes, etc.
Supply and demand analysis, price tracking, automated ordering, returns processing, contract management, optimal route selection based on data, etc.
Automation of customer service, monitoring of servers and applications, processing of backups, installation of new software updates, management of user credentials, etc.
Purchasing and logistics
Bank statement processing, invoicing, repetitive reporting, payment processing, third-party data management, duplication of orders and contracts, etc.
Management of customer complaints, automated order processing, support and follow-up, document workflow management, etc.
Automated search for brand mentions in the media, publication of the best company reviews on social networks, price management on the web, etc.
Accounting and Finance
Customer support
Marketing and sales
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Advantages of PIX RPA Platform

Working with all types of documents, including scan copies, data extraction from structured and unstructured data
Built-in IDP
Enterprise ready platform
PROM Framework
High stability, corporate security and compliance, ready to work within a closed circuit
Building and scaling RPA, incrementally growing
from 1 to 1000+ robots
Built-in ML module, including forecasting and classification
AI Support
Centralized orchestration with BPM
Unified architecture for license, process, access and change management
Native support for Windows and Linux environments
PIX Robotics is the developer of PIX RPA, Business Intelligence & Process Management solutions.
10 000+
robots have already been launched
implementation partners
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Our Use Cases
Automation of processes at a large airport
Transport Industry | Business Operations
Robots conducted an analysis of required fuel loads, which vary depending on flight conditions. Robots performed a breakdown history analysis for improved maintenance. Processes in HR, accounting and
finance were automated.

65000 working hours, spared by the end of the first year.

Accrual of bonuses/penalties to suppliers
Retail Industry | Purchasing Department
PIX RPA technology made it possible to configure the robot based
on a large number of different conditions and branches of the algorithm, covering the full range of different potential agreements and bonus accrual conditions and fines.

Processing reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.

Reconciliation of shipment documentation
Pharmaceutics | Logistics and Warehouse Operations
The robot uses optical recognition to automatically digitize documents and check them for discrepancies, then notifies employees. The AI, in combination with automation, runs an ML program to check customer conversations for potential compliance risks.

95% manual work reduction, 24/7 process and data flow.

Switching connections when replacing fiber lines
Telecom | Operations
Digital employees (robots) perform the process of switching the connection independently. This eliminates the human factor - previously, employees copied and transferred data manually, which led to a large number of errors.

Result: 50 000 monthly transactions processed by digital employees, 5000 working hours saved per year.
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