Robot performs routine HR tasks such as CV search, vacancy publication, pre interview scoring, document processing
Robots process incoming inquiry flow, automatically open and close accounts and produce cards, process documents


Robot releaves from routine concerning accounting and finance data upload, download, transfer and processing
Robots accept notifications, launch order distribution algorithms, notify couriers, covers feedback processing and others

Robots are used as data bus in integrations between IT-systems that lack API or different directories
Accounting and Finance
Document workflow
Robots control bids, process bidder proposals, make bids, search and pick up relevant tenders and much more
Sales and procurement
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Imports and exports data from and into different IT systems, transfers it between them
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge support: works with http requests, links, code tree and visuals
WhatsApp and Telegram chatbot alternative
SAP, Oracle, MS Office and others
Popular web-browsers

Where does PIX work?

Reads, sends emails via Outlook, as well as through imap, pop3, smtp protocols
Reconcile data

How software PIX robots work

Take rule-based
Use Machine Learning capabilities
Outlook and other
email providers
Robot is eyes
and hands
Work with on-screen interface elements

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Innovative Russian RPA platform for large and medium business
Developed by RPA experts with extensive background in RPA development on other platforms
Enterprise-ready platform
Highly stable product ready for enterprise-scale load of tasks and thousands of simultaniously working robots
Professional functions
Native integration with SAP, MS Office, Oracle and other software.
100% ready to work in closed circuit without any connection with Internet
Flexible programming
Low-code platform PIX makes it possible to adapt to any specific needs of customer
Easily scalable
We change approach to digital transformation by diving into PIX robotization ecosystem

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