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PIX Robotics is the leader in the development of business process automation (RPA) software

PIX Robotics is the leading developer of business process robotization (RPA) software.

Our goal is to make the automation of software available to everyone, that PIX robots are installed on computers along with office applications.

Our mission is to help people unleash their creative potential by freeing them from a monotonous and uninteresting routine.
Our Team
  • Sergio Lozhkin
  • Mike Arkhangelskiy
    Representative of PIX in Dubai
  • Nick Bulanov
    Consulting Director
  • Prakash Verma
    Account Manager
The professionals of your company will benefit from all the features of the PIX robot software ecosystem: technical support, training, RPA community
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Company history
July 2018
An expert team in process methodology, developers and integrators of computer solutions create the software automation product PIX RPA
September 2019
Launch of the beta version of the platform
November 2019
PIX Robotics becomes a resident of the Innovation Center
January 2020
Launch of the beta mode,
release of version 1.0
June 2020
Registration in the Unified Software Registry
February 2021
The addition of a machine learning module
May 2021
Version 2.0: PIX RPA ecosystem
May 2022
Creation of the PIX Adapter software and methodology package to convert RPA projects from other platforms
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