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PIX Studio
Simple for business users and flexible for developers.

PIX Studio is the «brain» of PIX RPA platform. The algorithms for PIX robots are being developed in the Studio.

PIX Development Studio is designed the way to provide the easiest and fastest experience in process automaiton for users of every level and IT background. The intuitive interface makes it possible to get acquainted with the software very quickly.

The Activities which make the entire process in PIX Studio once combined, could be moved using the Drag'n'Drop or simply by moving them with the mouse click. The list of all Activities consists of more than 120 elements and is being constantly updated. Almost any task could be designed using at least one combination of activities: this means that you'll be able to robotize the process yourself with minimum efforts and time.

Two modes of development
Intuitive interface which is easy to understand
Stack of instruments for analysis and testing
Possible to use .Net with combination of C# scripts
Flexible workspace designer
Build the Robot using Drag'n'Drop
Integration with OCR
Extensive number of support tools to make development even more simple
Possibility to create Robots using Recorders (recording user activities at their desktop)
The next updates
Interactive Academy and learning materials for quick start
Designer for dialogue and information windows
Integration with BPM software
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