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RPA technology built by professionals for professionals.

Robot is an executive module of PIX RPA Platform, the entity that runs the algorithms created in PIX Studio.

PIX Robots are the digital workforce everyone is talking about, they are ready to catch any tasks within the company. Robots are more productive than people, can perform a wide range of different tasks and doesn't ever make mistakes. Robots can work together with real people or totally replace them at some areas of process. If the robot is not demanded by any employee at a moment, it can execute some background tasks such as data gathering and server or other application monitoring.

PIX Robot can performs actions like a real person would do them: read and send the emails, copy and paste data, click interface elements, search pictures, download and upload files, - while keeping the benefits of an application: run calculations of any difficulty, analize Excel and Words files via API, read structured text from scans and images, send http-requests and run SQL, C# and other scripts. The latter program operations are executed within seconds which increases the speed of the business process and neglects the possibility of human mistake.

PIX Robots are capable of evading anti-bot systems and CAPTCHA check-ups.
Opens email-messages and attachements, copies and moves files and folders.
Performs routine tasks with a lot of data manipulation between a large number of different IT-systems
Works in business suites using the business-logic and functions of the applications
Downloads data, then analyses it, formats, creates reports and information dashboards
Works in office applications (MS Word, MS Excel and others), analyses the documents and extracts the structured data from them
Recognizes and processes the images and scans, extracting the required data from them
Gathers and analyses the statistics and other data from Internet and social networks
Analyses and consolidates data from a wide range of sources
Performs difficult calculations, analyses and processes the information in combination with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Works with data: transforms it, copies and pastes, fills up different forms in applications and interfaces, directly writes into databases
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