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PIX Master is used for management of entire groups of robots which helps to stay focused on task scheduling for them without waste of productive robot time.
It is the centralised Robots Management Tool which helps to monitor the current state of all robots and workflow status, schedule and prioritize the tasks, assign tasks to robots etc.

Master supports User Roles which can be used for access management to tasks, robots and even functions.

You can find the entity structure in PIX Master. It separates the robots, the processes, the algorithms and schedule. You can combine all the entities with each other the way you want.

We have designed flexible and convenient dashboards in PIX Master for monitoring purpose. You can also add your own if necessary.

In PIX Master there is a log of all actions for audit purpose: the information regarding all the events is listed there. It can be pre-recorded to perform certain actions in case some specific exceptions happen.

In combination with Development Studio and PIX Robot, PIX Master presents the solution of an enterprise level. You can scale up the number of robots and automated business processes within your company or group of companies.
Monitoring of robots and licenses, tasks and workflow status
Queue management if there are multiple robots required in order to execute one or more processes
Packaged solution for managing different versions of robots
Full administration cycle, including the support of User Roles
Built-in robot launch assistant, including scheduling, prioritization and triggering
Separate storage space basing on the DataBase Management System
Fast deployment
Visualization with the help of graphs and dashboards
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