Robot for electronic trading
30 times more productive than employee
How PIX electronic trading Robot works
Monitors bids - unlimited number of commodity items
Robot acquires bid data from ETP (Electronic Trading Platform) every 2 seconds and checks if the Robot's bid is the top

Processes other bidders offers
If the top bid isn't the Robot's one, it updates the information in the internal database (could be Excel-based) and analyses if it can re-bid the current top offer
Makes bids
Goes back to the ETP and places new bids where it's neccessary and possible
Ignors products where the bid is too low
If competitor's offer is already lower than the minimal price from the Robot's database, it just ignores the item
Implementation time
1 month
bidding done by robot
30 times faster
If overall particiaption in auctions wastes too much employee time
When employees can't bid in time, specifically during last second bids
When it's difficult to control over bids of all competitors on all auctions
More than 100
commodity items
Who may benefit for RPA for electronic trading?
PIX RPA advantages
BPM - integration
Built-in BPM for RPA robots with attraction of employees
Low code
Best price/quality offer
on the market
PIX Academy
Free online training
Trusted vendor
Large Russian and International companies trust us

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