Innovative PIX BI Smart Data analysis system

PIX BI is a unique development for data analysis and visualization which has collected the best practices of global vendors, such as a linked visual data model, end-to-end filtering, filtering by reports and an adaptive interface.
October 20, — PIX Robotics launches a new product PIX BI — a smart data analysis system with an adaptive interface, a flexible filtering system and the ability to create personalized reports.

PIX BI business intelligence platform is made by a team that has more than 15 years of experience in developing and implementing solutions based on the best BI platforms and knows how to create solutions that allow you to reach a new level of business intelligence.

PIX BI is based on the concept of self-service, it means that it is user-oriented and allows you to create analytical reports, data models and visualizations without the help of IT.

PIX BI has collected the best features on the market:

1. End-to-end filtering which allows you to select the required data for all reports and dashboards at once. The applied filter on one dashboard will also be transferred to the next one.

2. A visual representation of the data model to apply a filter to the element of interest for a more detailed research.

3. A visual representation which gives a visual understanding of the connection between data and spreadsheets.

4. Adaptive interface, thanks to which reports and graphs are conveniently viewed both on a large computer screen and on the screens of portable devices.

5. Licensing users, not servers.

6. Personal dashboards that you can use for your own analysis, experiment without interfering with others.

7. The system works through a browser and does not require separate applications.

8. Collaboration of two technologies RPA and BI. PIX RPA robot will be an indispensable assistant working with BI. The robot will collect data from the systems, send reports to users and notify about KPI performance.

PIX BI is a logical extension of the product line and the development of PIX ecosystem. The company has already established itself as a reliable developer of software for the automation of business processes - PIX RPA, and now it aims to occupy the first positions in the BI segment.
The PIX BI product offers two types of user licensing:

  • Base — for viewing and analyzing prepared dashboards;

  • Pro — for viewing and creating your own and public dashboards.

PIX BI product is available in the Enterprise line for big companies and SMB for medium and small businesses.

About PIX Robotics

PIX Robotics ( — is a developer of technological and innovative solutions for medium and large businesses. The PIX ecosystem includes PIX RPA and PIX BI products.