Find new partners and earn with PIX
  • What is PIX Scouting?
    It's a program to find and sign new partners around the world with the help of the Scout network.
  • Who is a Scout?
    A Scout is an IT expert who has connections with local IT companies who can sell PIX products to their business customers.
  • How to become a Scout?
    First you need to submit an application using the form below. PIX experts will get in touch with you to review your experience. If qualification is passed successfully – the Scout and PIX sign the Contract that states all the conditions and financial motivation.
  • How the program works?
    The Scout is performing the search and acquisition of new partners for PIX. After a potential Partner is identified and qualified, the Scout connects him with PIX for further communication and contracting.
  • How does PIX support a Scout?
    PIX provides all the necessary information and methodological support to the Scout to help him engage with potential partners. Once a Partner is signed, the further Partner development is made by PIX.
  • What is the motivation?
    The Scout gets a bonus for each deal closed by the Partner who was signed via the Scout, during the 3 years period. The amount of bonus equals 8% of the vendor's total amount after all discounts and partner margin. Conditions and financial motivation are stated in the Contract signed between the Scout and PIX.
  • How to apply?
    Please fill out the form below, and our business representative will contact you soon.
Become a Scout