We are ready to introduce the updated version of PIX Studio 2.12
The functionality for working with MS Outlook, Excel (10+ new and improved activities), web browsers, desktop applications, csv files, as well as for integration with PIX Master to receive data in the form of SecureString has been expanded in the new release.

There is also a new functionality for interacting with the Citrix Workspace digital workspace platform - in the activities of the group [Windows]
and "Click hotkey" it is now possible to manage the feature "Provider" = Citrix, which allows you to work with interfaces of Citrix applications as with general desktop applications.

There are also new tools for renaming variables in the project, and the stability of PIX Studio has been improved, in particular, the mechanisms for checking errors in the script have been optimized. As for PIX Agent, the interface has been changed, moreover, the event and error log have been added.
The activities Office\Excel and Excel Interop group have been added
- for managing styles and formats of text, borders and cells;

- creating a pivot table;

- removing duplicate rows;

- adding/removing rows;

- filling the range with a certain value.

The activities Office \ Excel Interop have been updated
- "Copy sheet" is complemented with the option of copying [To another file];

- "Run macro" option "Macro in file" has been improved.

The activities for interaction with Citrix have been updated
The group of activities [Windows]:

- "Click on UI element" (for options [Via XPath] and [Via UI element]);

- "Checking the existence of a UI element";

- "Print into UI element SecureString";

- "Print the text into the UI element" o "Find UI elements on the screen";

- "Focus" o "Get text from UI element";

- "Highlight the UI element on the screen" o "Hover the mouse cursor over the UI element";

- "Extract desktop data" o "Scroll";

- "Expect UI element".

More activities that have been added
- Keyboard | "Press hotkey"

- Outlook activities | "Send a message via Outlook" and "Reply to a letter" are complemented with the attachment list settings.

- New Desktop activity | "Move the window".

- New activity of PIX Master | "Get data from Master in the form of SecureString".

- New Web activity | "Create a tab" of the browser.

- For the Web activity | "Launch browser (Selenium)", the browser Edge (Chromium) has been added.

- For "Write to CSV" activity, a setting for adding quotes has been added.

The full list of changes and improvements is available in our Knowledge Base in the Changelog section.
We are waiting for your questions and suggestions for updates in our Telegram community.