London fintech automized the process of searching and collecting information on the PIX RPA platform
PIX Robotics together with the IT company "First Form" have successfully completed a project implementing RPA for searching and collecting information on tracking logistics routes of client companies for a London fintech company.

London fintech company has been actively automating back office tasks for several years. One of the processes subjects to automation was the searching and collecting information on the main routes of international cargo transportation from open official sources: dates and points of departure, geography of the route, types and sizes of containers of various cargo carriers, invoice numbers, volumes of deliveries and so on.

"First of all, the automation of this process will help us reduce the inefficient use of qualified employees' time, will allow us to bring data to a single view, structure them and most importantly to save data for access to them at any time and analyze them in dynamics," said the company's CFO.

PIX has presented a solution for automatic daily collection of information and storing it in tabular form for further uploading to the First Form system.

"In this project with the help of our tools we comprehensively automate back office processes. This is the main framework in the form of CRM, and many other processes that include financial planning, checklists, communications management and assignments. One of the tasks is the storage and systematization of data obtained from the websites of cargo carriers. The question about how to reduce the percentage of manual labor associated with transferring data from sites to our system arose while working on the project . This is exactly how the idea of the interaction of the First Form and PIX Robotics was born," said Anton Romanov Operating Director of the First Form company.
PIX software robot was developed and implemented in 1 month. It made it possible to reduce the time required for employees to enter new data into the system: users no longer spend time searching for information on the web and filling in all CRM fields manually but choose a ready-made entry from the list collected by the robot or enter only the number of a new invoice, and the robot fills in all the necessary data - in automatic mode.

In addition, it was possible to reduce the time spent on checking and updating archived data by 90% and significantly optimize this process which employees often did not have time to do. The robot performs this process with minimal involvement of company employees, only to obtain the starting tracking number and indicate the iterative range.

The sample of data for analysis has significantly increased. Now the company has the opportunity to sort and analyze large amounts of data (including automated) according to various criteria because earlier that the company had viewed and analyzed data only on a few specific transactions.

The solution also provides an option for scaling processes - adding new sources and criteria for data selection, a function for launching high-priority queries in manual mode and a function for tracking possible failures and automatically resuming or quickly redirecting the search to new channels in case of technical problems in the network or changes in the operation of aggregator sites.

"This project is an example when a robot helps a company to increase the efficiency of its commercial activities. And the economic effect of the implementation in this case will be increased with the introduction of new robotic processes. In synergy with the "First Form" – our partners managed to form a high-quality architecture that is easily managed and scaled within a number of company processes," Kirill Serov CTO of PIX Robotics commented.

Information about the company "First Form"

The "First Form" is a system for managing business processes, projects and documents, organizing effective communications, secure storage and use of corporate data.