New version of PIX Studio 2.17
We've added new features to work with projects, created new activities, and improved the work stability of PIX Agent.
New features in PIX Studio
  • We added a new tool - project template. When you create a new project, you can use a template that already contains a project structure that is ready for use and filling;
  • We have added the advanced project search functionality: you can enter text or regular expressions in the search field to find them in script steps or in parameters;
  • We improved the "recent" list on the start page, which now displays not only open scripts, but projects as well.
New activities
  • We created the "Production Calendar" group of activities - it allows to receive the lists of working/non-working days, check if a certain day is working or not, etc;
  • We added a new activity String | "Convert Web Format" to decode and encode strings in HTML and URL format;
  • We improved the Email | Exchange group activities: We added the "category" property to the Move Mail activity; we added date and time fields to the ExchangeEmailMessage object; we added character substitution for invalid characters in file names when working with attachments from Exchange;
  • We finalized SAP group activities: "Click on SAP GUI item", "Click on button in toolbar".
Changes in PIX Agent
  • We implemented the ability to run the Robot in a separate process from the Agent to reduce the Agent's memory usage within a single process;
  • We added a switcher to select between the old and the new RDP Client.