New version of PIX Studio 2.16
We added several new features for ease of use, improved activities of groups Office, Windows, Email and others.
  • We added the selective installation of PIX Agent and PIX Converter components when installing the PIX Studio distribution;

  • Increased the "Description" field when exporting a project from PIX Studio to PIX Master: now you can write multiline text there.
New features:
Added and refined activities:
  • Windows activity | "Move Cursor" - helps to move the cursor coordinates. Especially useful when you need to interact with applications or blocks where XPath cannot be applied;

  • In Email | Exchange | Save Mail group activity, we added the option to change the name of the email when saving it;

  • Updated the NuGet package in the activities of Messengers | "Telegram" group;

  • Added a new type of click in the activity Images | "Click on image" - with the mouse wheel;

  • Added a new activity - PIX Master | Tasks | "Check stop signal". It helps to implement a "soft stop" when a signal is received from PIX Master.
Improved PIX Agent:
  • Added "Stop with RDP problems" flag. If the flag is activated and PIX Master has invalid agent credentials, the task will stop before it starts.