New version of PIX Studio 2.15
We increased the program's smoothness, added and improved activities. We added a new functionality - "Agent Management Service" - and developed a utility for starting agent sessions.
· We added background data loading to make the program run more smoothly. When working with a script/project, only the script/project itself is loaded, while the interface elements and necessary dependencies will already be loaded;

· We implemented text scaling in the step properties field and in the code editor. Now you can change the text size with the mouse wheel while holding down the [Ctrl] key or the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl + Numpad +], [Ctrl + Numpad-];

· We add the option to move text by words in the properties editing window. Text can be displayed on multiple lines with separation;

· We highlighted non-standard custom activities for the user. The library file for a custom activity no longer exists in the PIX Studio directory, its step in the script will be marked by a "!".
New features
Actividades nuevas y mejoradas
· Completed Basic | "Execute Script" and "Execute" activities can now add timeouts and limit the time allowed for execution. If the script is not executed on time, it will stop with the error "Operation aborted due to timeout";

· Added the option to save the request result to a file for HTTP activity | "Send HTTP request";

· Added the property with the click type for the WEB activity | "Click on item" to customize the click options;

· In the UI element search activity (Windows), added the property "Search timeout" to limit the search time for a UI element;

· In the "Click on UI element" activity (Windows) we added the "Mouse wheel click" type;

· In the Email/Exchange group of activities, we added the "Save an email" activity, the "Mark as read" property and improved the process of working with subfolders;

· In the Collections activity "Table | "Create table", we added the option to move columns using the column context menu or simply by dragging and dropping.
PIX Agent and a session launching tool for the "Agent Management Service"
· PIX Agents are now joined into groups called Machines (both in PIX Studio and PIX Master).

· For PIX Agent we added the possibility to run an agent with the parameters "Agent_ID, URL_ Master, Autoconnect";

· For the session launch tool we provided a connection to PIX Master via SignalR and improved the on-demand launch from PIX Master.