New version of PIX Master 1.24
The administration and user interface have been improved, new API methods have been added and other changes have been made.
Administration of PIX Master
  • We have added "maintenance mode" for sequentially disabling tasks and processes. When service mode is enabled, tasks and processes are disabled and creating and editing of projects, tasks and processes is blocked.

  • The field "name of license" to display the name of the license in the interfaces has been improved and it is now required to be filled in.

  • When downloading licenses in batches, we added control over existing ones. If any of the licenses have already been downloaded earlier, you will receive an appropriate notification.

  • The "Groups" functionality has been added to access control. It will help to restrict access to certain processes for certain users. If the user does not belong to the Group that is assigned to the process, then the process will not be displayed for him. Restrictions do not apply to a user with the "administrator" role.

  • An indication of the user's binding to Active Directory has been added.
User Interface
  • The design of the navigation panel has been updated: the panel can now be reduced, and some menu items are grouped for ease of use.

  • The selection of Agents has been made dependent on the Group.

  • For "data queues" we improved the element data view window - now the value, extended data fields and all attributes are displayed for the element. And the content of the extended data fields can now be viewed separately as a table.

  • The field with the project description is now multi-line.

  • The display of information in the "values" cell in the "data" interface has been improved - now long values are displayed up to 3 lines, and a pop-up window with the full value appears when the mouse is put over it.
PIX Master Scaling
  • The startup and execution mechanisms have been improved for the clustered versions of PIX Master to provide concurrency and better fault resistance.
API changes
  • New API methods have been added: to stop a process in Master, to retrieve project attributes and data and to check the existence of the project.