New version of PIX Master 1.23
We've added a "soft stop" mechanism for the robot and an emergency mode, improved filtering and data visualization, and made changes to the API.
  • We have added a mechanism of "soft stop" of the robot, which can be controlled from PIX Master. This works by adding the step of checking the stop flag to the robot's script.

  • We've added a "Waiting" block to the "Basic" process group to set a delay before the next process block is executed.

  • In the "Scheduler" section we've added a "Next run" column. It shows the time of the next scheduled start.

  • We have started log filtering with selection by time. Now you can filter logs by time to the nearest second and select records with time range.

  • We have added the "Maintenance" tab in the "Administrator" section. It contains a switch - "emergency stop". Turning on the emergency mode will disable all agents currently connected, the tasks in progress will be interrupted, and the restriction on setting agent connections will be enabled. When emergency mode is disabled, PIX Master goes back to its normal state.

  • We have made some changes to the API: we have added new methods for schedulers, getting a list of data, and others.
What's new in the version?