New version of PIX Master 1.22
We implemented the "Agent Management Service" feature, which ensures that agents are automatically started to perform tasks and manage task queues.
In the new versions of PIX Master 1.22 and PIX Studio 2.15 we implemented a new functionality - "Agent Management Service". PIX Agents are now united in groups with the name - Machines.

To manage the Machines - start, stop - it is necessary to install the AgentHostService.exe tool and specify the connection parameters in the file C:\Program Files (x86)\PIXAgent Hostappsettings.json. Running the tool starts the associated Machine, a group of agents. Agent-machine binding can be configured in the agent editing form.

We also added the ability to start and end agents in a new session from Machine mode with a command from PIX Master.

The "Agent Management Service" allows you to start and terminate PIX Agents on command from PIX Master. Agents linked to the Machine are started by the "Service" and connected to PIX Master automatically if the conditions are met:

· The agent on which the task is to be executed is in a disconnected state;

· The task must be linked to the task queue;

· The new option is configured for the task "Run in a new session".

Result: The agent is automatically started and in a new session, an instance of the task is executed from the task queue and the session is automatically closed.