Vladimir Putin congratulated PIX Robotics on winning the competition of Russia's best new brands
In a meeting with the President, Sergey Lozhkin, CEO of PIX Robotics, noted the high attention to the development of Russian brands and the introduction of innovative technologies using artificial intelligence.
PIX Robotics named one of best new brands
PIX Robotics, a leading developer of software for digital transformation, has won the competition for the best new brands of Russia in the Information Technology category. The competition was held for the first time as part of the "Strong Ideas for a New Time" forum on behalf of the President Vladimir Putin.
Digital employees can take over many routine tasks, thereby significantly increasing productivity. For example, filling in long tax returns, receiving and processing mail, processing mass appeals from citizens. With the use of artificial intelligence, robots are getting even smarter. That's what lies in our slogan - PIX makes it smarter. In 2022, we've multiplied our business tenfold replacing American and British software from more than 100 organizations, from the largest banks, such as Otkritie Bank, to industrial companies, including Lukoil, Phosagro, NorNickel and Rusal, among others. Being a Russian brand also helps abroad - we are now selling our software robots in Latin America, the Middle East, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Sergey Lozhkin, CEO of PIX Robotics
Transforming businesses worldwide
Our goal is to transform 2 million jobs in Russia. Each company and each employee will have their own digital assistant, which will free up time for important tasks and increase work productivity three to fivefold. This is the proposal that was made by CEO of PIX Robotics, Sergey Lozhkin, during this event.

As a leading software developer, PIX not only makes advanced technologies available to a wide range of companies, but also contributes to the development of digital transformation practices in all business sectors. Thus, PIX actively develops its knowledge and services system, which includes Russia's largest robotics user community, an academy of free training courses for system developers and designers, a support programme for universities, and a whole range of user events.
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