Rise over routine
Digital assistants
Digital workforce creation platform that will lift repetitive routine tasks from you so you and your team could focus on increasing your productivity and general output
companies trust PIX RPA
years on the market
9 000 0000
operations performed by PIX
>100 000
work hours saved
Robotize things that could not automate
RPA helps to lift off routine manual work.
That is in PIX's core.
Delivery services operators
Due to sudden global shift to the Internet, food aggregator "Restogroup" faced an issue where they were not able to manually and without mistakes count their turnovers.

Robotization with PIX sped up the process from a few hours up to a few full days, providing 100% accurace at the same time.
Digital assistant for delivery service operator
Sends SMS to customers asking for feedback, processes answers using Machine Learning and signals if there are any issues
Automatically assigns courier and send them WhatsApp message

Receives orders from any channel (website, messengers, food aggregators) and automatically assigns to the nearest cooking point
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Robot algorithm
Posts positive feedback on social media automatically and informs quality assurance about negative answers
Surveys clients with pre-determined answer variation
Assigns courier and warns them about delivery
Launches cooking point selection algorithm
Receives an e-mail with order information
Procurement manager digital assistant
Robot gathers all the required information in one unified table
Gathers information regarding neccessary purchases based on remains and from point of sales managers
Automatically sends the inquiries to suppliers for updated prices-lists and conditions
Forms the report on what should be purchased and where
Robot algorithm
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Forms the inquiry and sends the invoice to accountants
Restaurant managers monitor the remains daily to order neccessary product from suppliers.
Parses the prices according to suppliers' price-lists
Analyses additional parameters like delivery conditions and time
Prepares the report for the neccessary procurement
Sends the purchasing order to the supplier
HR manager digital assistant
PIX Robot helps HR manager by prepairing all the required onboarding documents
Prepares the labor contract and dismiesses employees
Creates accounts for new employees in the required IT-systems
Robot algorithm
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PIX Robot processes all the required onboarding and offboarding documents as well as calculates wages and build reports.
Automatically prepares presence schedules and monitors its fullfilment
Prepares the information on salaries for treasury
Creates accounts for new employees in required IT-systems
Thanks to hyperautomation restaurant managers feel them more comfortable due to part of their routine being transfered to digital assistans, making it possible to spend more time with guests.
Accountant digital assistant
General accounting document processing
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6 selling points and dark kitchen, different logistic transfers between those points and supplier receipts provide hundreds of documents which should be input into IT systems and analysed for taking strategic decisions, making the process uqite sensitive for mistakes.
Works with banks, prepares payment orders
Warns about mistakes in documents
Now it is easy as never! Robots can recognize the information on the documents and input them into required IT systems and then reconcile it with the information already present in order to prevent any human mistakes.
Reconciliation with counterparties
Marketing manager digital assistant
Processes feedback and reviews from any source
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Provides regularly advertising reports
Uses Machine Learnig for unbiased feedback rating
Enriches CRM data from any source
Gathering client feedback is an integral part of any business. Without infromation from guests we wouldn't know what are the key factors that make them satisfied and wouldn't get such a strong position on food market.

Thanks to Machine Learning capabilities of PIX we managed to increase the customer satisfaction rate by 2 times in under 2 months and build omni-channel communication system with thousands of our guests.
Informs staff regarding how their visitors are happy
More integration capabilities
If you can describe the process as a workflow scheme,
you can robotize it

Doesn't require API integration
Doesn't need any IT changes
Ideally repeats existing processes