Reconciliation with counterparties

In companies with wide nomenclature range or large number of counterparties - they often go hand-to-hand - the process of acts reconciliation with counterparties at some point starts to take a lion's share of employees' time, as the number of documents is measured in hundreds of daily, and the lines in them - thousands. Robotization will help to verify the acts from the counterparties and to draw up a protocol of disagreements, if it's necessary.

  • Exempt from 3 FTE (the effect will be more significant for companies with a large inventory range or number of suppliers/customers)
  • The process is faster
  • There is no possibility of error due to human factors
  • The PIX robot can't "forget" to compare acts for a certain period
  • The process can be automated from the moment information is received, for example, a letter until the Protocol of disagreement is sent to the counterparty

Function: Accounting

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