Recruiting Process

Some companies rely on legacy systems when searching for and recruiting staff, which often applies to large HR agencies. In some companies HR-specialists have to manually search through thousands of CVs on the job search sites - by the way, classic parser and bots couldn't be used as they will get noticed by the anti-bot system and the access to the site will be blocked. In both cases, the search can be performed by software robots that can aggregate infinite amounts of information from any of the specified sources according to the pre-designed parameters.

  • Exempt from 2 FTE (depends on the number of current rebounds)
  • Department employees are engaged in more important tasks, such as conducting more physical interviews
  • The process works independently and can collect a" retrospective " resume database
  • PIX robot searches for resumes at night and on weekends
  • RPA bypasses anti-spam / bot system sites, is able to solve CAPTCHA

Function: HR

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