PIX RPA has been selected as the target platform for business process automation by the Moscow Exchange
For the Moscow Exchange automation is one of the prospective areas of fast automation to improve the efficiency of internal business processes. After transition to the PIX Platform the exchange optimized processes and increased the number of robots, it helped to reduce the workload of employees in performing routine operations. So, it also helped to increase throughput when performing the same type of operations and free up resources for solving other cases.
Elena Berezovskaya, Director of Business Process Efficiency at the Moscow Stock Exchange, notes: "software robots have become an essential part of the set of tools for improving the efficiency of the company's business processes. When we were choosing a target solution an important criterion was the availability of the necessary platform capabilities, which would allow the fast transition of already existing robots and keeping the pace of development and implementation of new digital assistants. The PIX Robotics team promptly complemented the necessary functionality of the platform, which made it possible to ensure the continuity of the production cycle and put robots into action really quickly."
The next plan of the company is maximizing the optimization effects from the use of the RPA toolkit. Robots also become participants in full-fledged integration interactions in cases where the use of other information systems is impractical. The universality of the platform allows to use a certain set of functions depending on the type of the task, and it determines the wide range of applications of the technology for the processes of the Moscow Exchange.

"The Moscow Exchange operates the largest multifunctional exchange platform in Russia for trading stocks, bonds and other instruments. We are glad that such a large company, which sees great potential in software robotics and which develops a strong practice of the competence center, is now building processes on the PIX RPA platform," Vyacheslav Musolov, Commercial Director of PIX Robotics, comments.