PIX Robotics is a premium partners of RPA 2021

Sergey Lozhkin, CEO of PIX Robotics
How RPA drives digitalization trend and why PIX RPA is the best RPA platform was reported by Sergey Lozhkin, CEO of PIX Robotics.

On the 24 of June Sergey Lozhkin, CEO and co-founder of PIX Robotics participated in the "Robotic Process Automation 2021" conference with the speech on topic «How RPA drives digital transformation».

Representatives of different RPA vendors, IT-integratores and RPA users participated in the conference. In particular, head of business process optimization of German retail chaing Globus Timofey Buryak and head of RPA direction on NFP Victoria Babankina who shared their experience of robotization using PIX RPA.

The ecosystem in neccessary

In new reality vendors won't be able to provide the market with only the softweare but also have to expand into full-scale ecosystems including community platforms (such as PIX martketplace, forums, online academy) and methodology (how to run projects, scale up RPA, tracking etc.) - that's how the central idea of Sergey's speech sound.
PIX Robotics team
Low-code RPA-platform as an answer to business calls

Another, though not much less important, message that Sergey translated was that: «RPA is a driver of digital transformation».

Sergey explained how between the COVID-19 pandemic, governemnt digitalization agenda and HR-market burnout in relation to TI-specialists, the low-code platforms are specifically the most acceptable and suitable solutions for digital transformation, making it more approachable.

«First of all, being a low-code product, RPA makes it easier to start programming on it, thus reducing the recruitment burnout in industry.

Second, today we are talking about digitalization of entire enterprises and industries, not local pilots and proofs of concepts. RPA should be approached not just like a software but as entire ecosystem with the software inculded, but also methodological and organizational components.

Thirs, the neccessity to implement RPA stimulates - while not directly - the straightening of business-processes in companies where they are not optimal. And when the RPA touches the core processes of the company, that's the point where it becomes the driver of digital transformation on the enterprise scale launching the waves of positive changes.».