PIX Marketplace - share activities and robots
We launched PIX Marketplace – open web resource for everyone exchange their custom built robots or activities.

The platform present an archive with robot templates and acitivities. Those components are available for download for free for anyone interested in testing or using them in their projects.

Any user can also suggest adding new acitivites or robots prepared by them to the collection by submitting it using a special form on the page. After review by PIX developers those activites (or robots) will be added to the website and accessible by other users.

«For all platform users – this is a great opportunity to expand the number of activities provided "from the box"» - comments the launch of marketplace Kirill Serov, CTO of PIX Robotics.
How to use activities or robots
The installation is performed in 3 steps:
  1. Download the file and put it into the same folder where your PIX Studio in installed,
  2. Re-launch PIX Studio.
  3. List of activities in PIX Studio will be expanded by the activitiy(ies) you've added.
In order to launch the downloaded robot you should simply double-click it.
All the robots and activities go through security and quality assurance by PIX RPA Platform developers.

Suggest your own activities and use the robots built by others!