German retailer «Globus» implemented PIX
for backoffice automation

Supplier relationship management and supply accounting are quite time-consuming retail tasks. Despite of pandemic, Globus'es turnover in Russian Federation are stable, growth plans are fulfilled. This growth is a result of high internal business-process efficiency which wouldn't be possible without intellectual IT-tools.

In 2020 Globus started their first RPA projects using PIX RPA. The initial task was deployed within few months and concerned data synchronization between number of IT-systems.

The current process of bonus calculcation for suppliers and their data management was successfully deligated to the robot as well. This means there won't be any mistakes during execution due to human factor, but the process itself is more flexible and adaptive. Robot doesn't simply execute the process but also gathers the information required for further opimization.

Robots are managed by PIX Master - special administrative module of platform providing high cybersecurity rate demanded by the company. PIX Master logs all the actions taken by digital workers and transmits account data using modern encryption methods.

The implementation was executed by our partners, technology consulting company NFP.