Your company's decision-making center
PIX BI is a smart data analysis system with an adaptive interface,
flexible filtering system and the ability to create personalized reports. Billions of lines are presented in visual visualizations for making effective management decisions.
What will the business get after implementing PIX BI?
  • 96%
    Customer satisfaction growth
  • 34%
    Labor productivity growth
  • 20%
    Reduced operating expenses
  • 16%
    Revenue growth
* According to BARC research
PIX BI – is it possible to replace Qlik, Power BI and Tableau?
November 17, 11 am
Webinar about business analysis systems
PIX BI system is suitable for
Key indicators
- Plan Analysis/The fact of net profit
- Dynamics of revenue, gross profit and expenses
- P&L (Profit and Loss Statement)
- Balance sheet with the ability to detail invoices and transactions
- CF (Cash Flow Statement)
- Financial modeling

PIX BI features for business
Consolidation of data from any sources
1C, SAP, AX, Nav, databases, Excel, Web and others
Intuitive interface____
Visualization for a specific user
Visual templates
A wide range of standard visualization templates
Advanced Analytics
Forecasts, modeling, complex analysis
Exchange of information, the ability to hold meetings
Filters and Drill-down
Detailing information up to transactions
Easy transition to PIX BI
Benefits of PIX BI

There is no need to remember the applied samples while studying the data - they are always in sight.
PIX BI package includes the software robot PIX RPA
The robot collects data from any programs without spending time on data structuring and ETL integration. Assign tasks to the robot to generate reports and tables on request, send them by mail, and many other tasks.
End-to-end filtering

The interface adapts to the screen size of any of your devices.
Adaptive interface

We license users, not expensive servers.
Cost per user

Visual understanding of data and table relationships.
Representation of the data model
We are developing a community of those who make decisions based on data
We license users, not servers
$ 500
Viewing and analyzing prepared dashboards
The cost of licensing one user per year is indicated.
The minimum licensing package is 5 users.
PIX Robotics is a reliable vendor that has already proved that it can be the first. The PIX RPA platform is one of the leaders of the Russian robotics market with built-in processes, a community and a reliable support service.
*According to the CNews rating
implementation partners
customers in the segment of Enterprise
5 of the rating
BI-systems 2022*
PIX platform is trusted by
Leave a request for a personal demonstration of the functions of PIX BI system
The demonstration takes place online and lasts ~ 40 minutes