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RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is one of the newest technologies, branch of the Artificial Intelligence and one the most adopted techs of «Industry 4.0» (the latest tech revolution).

At it's core, RPA is a software which simulates user actions at their desktop. It is an advanced macros capable of performing operation not within just one program but between a large number of different software applications. It became possible due to the possibility of usage of both Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Application Programming Interface (API), the combination of which makes the greates distinguish of RPA from so-called «classical» automation.

The exclusion of rudimentary operations (such as opening of Excel files for example) for robot ensures the speed up of the automated process. Also the Robots - just like any other software - work 24/7 and doesn't make any mistakes.

Any company, the work of employees in which assumes interaction with a wide range of different IT-systems, can benefit from RPA.
RPA combines the best features of each of them within the set functions.
Robots work 24/7/365 without interruptions for lunch or sleep with the speed of software. Business-users can transfer frequient routine tasks to robot and focus on more intellectual tasks..
Robots execute the processes on time, avoid human mistakes and always match the corporate standards. This usually ensures the higher level of customer satisfaction.
Digital employees could be easily duplicated. At the same time business users can change or add tasks to the robot's stack.
Cost Reduction
RPA reduces costs effectively decresing time spent on routine repetitve tasks as far as pesonnel itself. The statistics show the average FTE reduction of 3-10 times.
CV parsing, processing of incoming requests, assistance in interview scheduling, new employee onboarding and access granting, initial training, invoice processing etc.
Supply and demand analysis, order and price monitoring, return processing, contract management, optimal route selection etc.
Server and application monitoring, work with internal email services and their restrictions, backup procesing, user credential management etc.
Accounting and Finance
Monthly / quarterly / yearly reporting, payment processing, counterparty data management, order and contract mirroring etc.
Customer Support
Customer appeal handling, automated order processing, order support and monitoring, document workflow management etc.
Data management
Robots shine in tasks where it is required to work within wide range of different IT-systems, e.g.: transfer information from one place to another, extract data and write it in different systems, consolidate information and so on.
Make simple decisions
If simple decisions should be made within the process, it means that this is a good task for robot. In case there is a possibility of exception from the algorithm, robot can signal the real person and ask for help.
Data validation
Robot isn't only capable of data transferring but also can verify the information. This is specifically helpful when it's required to check something with 3rd parties or verify if the information is real.
Work with unstructured data
Even though robots aren't capable of working with handwritten texts and totally unstructured data, they could be used for work with agreements in terms of searching for specific information and legal review.
Management of other robots and employees
Once many robots appear within company, it is required to manage their work using either another Robot or special tool. In some cases robots can control work of real human, suggesting him the tasks or signaling about specific events or certain points in process.
Robots could be used as teachers for new employees avoiding attraction of real people who are usually busy with the tasks with more added value. The pre-recorded robot can show all the company's systems to the new employee and explain the regulations of main processes.
Больше о роботах
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