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RPA vs Human
On this page you will find the comparitive information on pros and cons of using RPA above human labour force and the processes where it is impossible to replace real human.
Superficial comparison of RPA and human
Works 24/7/365 without rest
Can perform different unrelated tasks
Always executes tasks in time and without mistakes
Can only perform the tasks that could be wrote down as precise algorithms
Must rest
Required breaks for coffee, launch, also uses vacation, gets sick etc
One function
Is a specialist only in one functional area
Does mistakes
Could make mistakes due to carelesness or tiredness
Able to think
Can make decisions based on experience and intuition
The main differences between RPA and real human are shown on the image below. If you'd like to learn more about where you can use the RPA technology in your company, please contact our specialists.
Data management
Robots shine in tasks where it is required to work within wide range of different IT-systems, e.g.: transfer information from one place to another, extract data and write it in different systems, consolidate information and so on.
Make simple decisions
If simple decisions should be made within the process, it means that this is a good task for robot. In case there is a possibility of exception from the algorithm, robot can signal the real person and ask for help.
Data validation
Robot isn't only capable of data transferring but also can verify the information. This is specifically helpful when it's required to check something with 3rd parties or verify if the information is real.
Work with unstructured data
Even though robots aren't capable of working with handwritten texts and totally unstructured data, they could be used for work with agreements in terms of searching for specific information and legal review.
Management of other robots and employees
Once many robots appear within company, it is required to manage their work using either another Robot or special tool. In some cases robots can control work of real human, suggesting him the tasks or signaling about specific events or certain points in process.
Robots could be used as teachers for new employees avoiding attraction of real people who are usually busy with the tasks with more added value. The pre-recorded robot can show all the company's systems to the new employee and explain the regulations of main processes.
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