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RPA vs Automation
The so-called «classic» automation and RPA have much in common while still being completely different. While both solutions can «cover» the same tasks, it is better to pick either / or in different situations. Sometimes one even can benefit most from using both of them.
RPA or Automation
The argues between the RPA fans and followers of classic automation don't slow down for a minute. IT specialists spread the fire even further since they find RPA as a tool that steals part of their work. But let's be honest, no coder will spend weeks on automation of single process in accounting department.
If it's cheapers and/or faster to write the program integration between two applications, it's better to use the classic automation then. In all other cases it's better to refer to RPA. Actually, this is applicable to packaged solutions as well.
Implementation cycle
The average development and integration period is 2 months. If the chosen process is too large it is preferred to further decompose it. This way the RPA implementation will start bringing benefits faster.
Unlike the tunnel integration which is desinged to fulfill the specific task, the RPA robot can be switched to absolutely different tasks within the company in no time. The only limit for robot is 24 hours per day.
Usually it is cheaper to purchase the robot license and design it rather than launch the longterm process of robust software implementation. RPA robots don't change the IT-infrasctructure or processes anyhow. Sometimes you even can use robots as a timely «patch» while the solid solution is being implemented.
Integration with «non-integrable»
One of the main RPA features is the possibility to work not only via API but also with the usage of GUI. This is especally important for Legacy system automation or the software with poor API or those applications that miss API at all.
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